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Characters in Me, Just Different
(According to Stephanie Morrill)




h her exotic Hawaiin looks and runway-worthy ensembles, Skylar is the queen of the cool crowd. When searching for a picture to represent her, I couldn't have done better than the team at Revell. The first moment I saw the cover I thought, "Wow. That's Skylar."



    This isn't the type of guy you're just friends with. And he's glad Skylar's finally figured that out. I always imagine Chad Michael Murray of One Tree Hill for Eli.



He may not have the right look or style, but a girl would be foolish to let Connor get away. When I think of Connor, I picture a less-stylish Adam Brody from The O.C.



    While most say she isn't as beautiful as her big sis, Skylar, Abbie's determined to prove she can be every bit as popular. For Abbie, I picture Allison Munn of What I Like About You and, more recently, One Tree Hill.



    Smart and flirtatious, Jodi's all about getting attention. And getting revenge on those who dare to take it away. For Jodi, I always picture Blake Lively from Gossip Girl.

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