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The Christian Review of Books is a group dedicated to examining all kinds of writing from a Christian perspective.  We have, of course, a strong emphasis on books published for the Christian market along with other books important to Christian life. 

Churches are the most important source of advice for Christians, and are expected to be able to make recommendations on every subject.  We at the CRoB understand that church leaders cannot be experts in every field.  For that reason we would like to offer our services to churches so that Christians might have more information about books so that they can make more informed decisions about what they should be reading. 

We do this by first soliciting reviews from reputable Christian sources.  We then select several reviews to be sent out to churches.  These are sent by email as a printable PDF which the churches can print and distribute as they see fit.  Along with the Review we also send a member signup sheet we ask churches to make available to their members who want to receive the Review directly.  We ask churches to fax or mail these sheets back to us as they are filled. 

Churches who find the Review helpful and wish to sponsor the Review may do so for an annual fee of $25 and will receive reviews with a "sponsored by" line prominently appearing in the front page along with the church's address, phone number and other pertinent information.  

Also available to either sponsors or non sponsors are 25 preprinted copies which we will mail to stores for a small $5 monthly fee (+$1.50 for every additional 10 copies).  This is a great, inexpensive option for churches that do not have the time or equipment to print copies of the Review.

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