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Interview with Stephanie Morrill on Me, Just Different


CRoB: Do you feel there's a theme to ME, JUST DIFFERENT?

STEPHANIE: I feel like there are several, though they emerged naturally from the story. One is that nothing you do will take you too far away for God to bring you back. He always loves you. Another is following God takes effort and won't always be easy, but it's always worth it.

CRoB: How did you get the idea for this book?
STEPHANIE: Of course there are a variety of storylines in Me, Just Different but my initial idea revolved around Skylar and her best friend, Jodi. When I was in middle school, my best friend and I kept having this thing happen where we liked the same guy, and he liked BOTH of us back (totally possible in the complex and confusing heart of a middle school dude). I've never been pleased with how I handled that situation, and that was the seed of an idea that grew into Skylar's story.

CRoB: Which character in the book do you feel is most like you (if any)?

STEPHANIE: I'm not a thing like any of the main characters. Hopefully I'm most like Connor's mom. She rocks. In fact there are days when I'm struggling around here and think, "Amy Ross would be able to handle this..." I'd like to be her when I grow up.

CRoB: What was the most difficult or challenging part about writing this book?

STEPHANIE: Setting Skylar up for failure. There were times I really just wanted to give that girl a hug.

CRoB: Were there any "aha!" moments for you when writing this?

STEPHANIE: The one I remember very clearly came as I was dwelling on the situation I mentioned earlier, about me and my middle school best friend competing for the same (loser) guy. All these years I'd totally been beating myself up over it. I looked her up, apologized, and she said, "No worries. It molded us into who we are." And I thought it was something Skylar could stand to realize as well. Yes, she'd made mistakes. No, she couldn't go back and correct them, but she could allow God to use them to mold her.


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