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Men and Women are from Eden
By Mary Healy
Review by Maurice A. Williams 

In Men and Women are from Eden, Mary Healy picks up a theme popularized by John Gray in his Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus. Though a very popular theme, Healy felt that Gray’s catchy phrase lacked a sound Christian dimension. Healy points out that there is more to the human experience of love. “Both men and women desire to love and be loved in an intimate and lasting relationship.” This desire comes from God. If God is not involved in human love, the pursuit of love could end up in disillusionment and conflict.

Drawing upon the works of John Paul II, Healy argues that there is a divine dimension to human love. Every conception involves a man, a woman, and God. God creates a new person, a soul, from nothing and joins that soul to the body generated by the union of man and woman. This is a sacred covenant, endorsed by God by which God continually adds to the human race. Human sexuality should be chaste and respectful of the other person. It need not be midway between eroticism and prudishness, but should transcend both of these extremes. There is a delicate balance here, one that requires sound thinking. John Paul II was very well respected for his clear thinking. What he wrote about the human experience of sex and the perils of aberrations of that experience makes for interesting reading.

Karol Wojtyla, long before he became pope, recognized that the moral war between good and evil, in our day, focuses on the body, sex, marriage, and the family. This is the battleground where we, today, have to work out our destinies. This book will give you a perspective on human sexuality that is seldom seen in movies or on TV.

Publisher: Servant Publications
Publication Date: July 2005
ISBN: 9780867167009
Price: $8.99
Genre: Relationships

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