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By Molly Noble Bull

Review by Roseanna White

Honor McCall knew when her aunt died that life, already hard, was about to get a whole lot worse. She didn’t trust her aunt’s husband, Lucas Scythe, a drunkard who had raised his hand to her more than once. And who had begun looking at her with too much interest. On the same day they buried Aunt Harriet, he announced Honor would have to marry him, now. That was all the impetus she needed to run away fast and never look back, except to make sure Lucas wasn’t lurking in the shadows. But getting away wasn’t so simple, either. She had no money, so she had to borrow some from the church offering plate–she knew that made her the lowest kind of thief, but what choice did she have? She’d pay it back. Somehow, someday, she’d make it right.

Jeth Peters didn’t know why the wary Miss McCall got his interest, but after presiding at her aunt’s funeral and then seeing that she was on the same stage that he would be taking home to Hearten, Colorado, he couldn’t exactly deny the spark of interest in his heart. She wasn’t right for him, nothing like his late wife, Selma. So far as he could tell, she wasn’t even a Christian. But when circumstances kept throwing them together and he and his mother had to step in to care for her, his growing feelings became undeniable. The question was, would she open her heart to the Lord? And if she did, would that erase the bitterness he saw in her, that was somehow linked to her uncle?

In The Winter Pearl, Molly Noble Bull weaves a tale of fear, redemption, and love where it’s least expected. As we follow Honor and Jeth and Lucas through their respective journeys, we see the many ways the Lord chooses to touch His children’s hearts. There are quite a few unexpected twists waiting for them, but they weather them all and continue on their path to that jewel of salvation. It takes Honor a while to realize the difference between true grace and simple obedience, but Jeth continues to lead her through it. Lucas provides the real dynamics in his continual search for his runaway niece and battle with alcohol, and I have to admit he was, unexpectedly, one of my favorite characters.

The Winter Pearl is a charming historical that will help you pass a few winter nights with pleasure. I did find myself a little frustrated with Honor for never taking anyone into her confidence, but I also enjoyed watching her grow and battle her inner demons. If you’re looking for a book that will deliver a sweet story with some surprises up its sleeve, The Winter Pearl is a good choice.



Publisher: Steeple Hill
Publication Date: February 2007
ISBN: 9780373786114
Price: $6.99
Genre: Historical Romance

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